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Princess Sakura

Shape : Peony
Color : Peach/Pink
Petal Count : 80
Diameter : 40-60cm
Fragrance : Light to None
Vase Life : 5-8 days
Plant name: La Chance
Origin: Japan

The Premium Garden Rose Princess Sakura is a beautiful peony type garden rose and has a peachy pink color. The hues of the rose Princess Sakura vary from an almost white on the outer petals to a bright pink and warm peach toward its center.

This rose is named after the Japanese Sakura flower which has the meaning ”Cherry Blossom”. The rose Princess Sakura is a great rose for blending with all the peachy-guava tones that have been so popular for the past couple of years. Note: the rose Princess Sakura needs 3 days in water to open nicely.

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